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Blog This Post - Can't find the Usergroup Permission option

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  • Wayne Luke
    You shouldn't need another option. Look in the footer of individual posts for the links.

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  • Rik Brown

    Thank you for your reply.

    1) I've got "Blog This Post" enabled in Options -> vBulletin Blog: General Options
    2) For the usergroup, the closest thing I can find is under "Blog Entry Permissions" which already has the option Can Post New Blog Entries selected as "yes."

    Is there another option I need to check to enable "Blog This Post"? I'm just not seeing anything similar to that. If so, which one?

    Thank you. -- Rik

    PS: Sorry for tying you up on what should be a trivial matter.

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  • Trevor Hannant
    If the usergroup has permission to create blog entries, it should show.

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  • Blog This Post - Can't find the Usergroup Permission option

    I must be going blind... I can't find the Usergroup option that controls who can "Blog This Post." It is working for some usergroups but not one that I'm trying to change.

    Does someone (with better vision) know what is the name of the option in the usergroup area that controls who can "Blog This Post"?

    Thanks. -- Rik

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