What is this BB Code string?

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  • BasilFawlty
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    • Jul 2012
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    [Forum] What is this BB Code string?

    Add nofollow attribute to URL BB Code??

    The above is a setting in the BB Code Settings, and under it it says: "If enabled rel="nofollow" will be added to the any anchor tags for an external resource outputted from the URL BB Code."

    Could someone explain to a nOOB what this does and why I would or would not want to use it? Thanks,


  • John Lester
    Senior Member
    • Jul 2000
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    • 4.1.x

    Basically it means that search engines wouldn't visit the link that's in between the bb code url tags. As for why you would want to do that, I have no clue, I've never bothered to enable it So search engines are free to follow any site in the bb code url tags.
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