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  • [Forum] Revert style?

    I have no idea what I did, but I boogered up the style on our test site real bad - I tried reinstalling the original template, but that isn't fixing it. I haven't even got that far into setting the test site up and this happens! Here is the link if you need it ( but how do I get it back to original?

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    Hmmmm, it says Default Style, but is that a totally default style? Did you accidentally write over the MASTER_STYLE?

    Create a new style with no parent:
    • Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Add New Style
    • Parent Style: No Parent Style
    • Title: Default vBulletin
    • Allow User Selection: Yes
    • Save

    Then browse the site using that totally default vbulletin style - is it funky like your site is now? If so, upload the tools.php file from the do_not_upload directory into your /admincp and point your browser at it and follow the directions to Rebuild the Master Style.

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      I rebuilt the master, and it is still there? I am browsing using the new default style, but the old way is still there - how do I get rid of even having the option to choose the style for a user?


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        Style & Language Settings
        Default Style Choose the one you want to present to your users or
        Allow Users To Change Styles set as you wish


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          Ok, I know that is supposed to work, but it did not.


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            I can see the new default style ok after selecting it.

            Why not just delete the style that you messed up and then don't allow people by disallowing it as above?


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