Clicking My Profile and Username gives errors

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    Clicking My Profile and Username gives errors

    How do we undo this? When a registered user clicks My Profile on the line with Welcome, he gets an error message. When he clicks his username, he gets an error message, too. We made a bunch of permission changes but didn't intend for this to happen.

    Clicking Settings/ Edit Profile works.

  • KurtinSA
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    I don't think I have an answer for you, but it might help if you provide more details on exactly what the error message says. Maybe a screen shot?



    • Guest

      The message says: username, at least for the moment you cannot access the page you requested. This could be for any one of these reasons:
      1. Are you a very recent registrant? Our Moderators try to approve registrations within 24 hours, but don't always manage that. We apologize if that's what happened - if that's the case you will probably have access shortly.
      2. The page you asked for might be open only to subscribers. Have you subscribed?
      3. Even if you are a subscriber, your account might not be allowed to access certain pages - for example if you are trying to edit someone else's post or access website administration.
      4. Though very unlikely, it's also possible an administrator has put limits on your account.

      To ask us about any of this, please use the Contact Us link on our front page.

      Hope someone can help figure it out for me.



      • Mark.B
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        That looks like a customised version of the standard "No Permission" error.

        Check that the usergroup concerned actually has permission to view user profiles.
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