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Several problems and not sure where to start.

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  • [Forum] Several problems and not sure where to start.

    I have a very old forum, from back in vb 3 and maybe even vb 2. during this time we have installed various plugins, and we honestly do not even use any of them anymore.

    The problem I am having we have switched hosts more then a few times, and our database is excessively large for no reason. We have different Collations on it now versus a fresh install. So what I was wondering is , is there a script to change all my Collations on my Active database to UTF8? reason i ask is when my members click the Go Advance button to post - we get an server 500 error - and we dont have access to the server log to see the error.

    OLD DATABASE photo -

    BUT I did a fresh install on the same server - in a different folder of course - so it reads
    and this forum works FLAWLESSLY everything works and the Collations in the database are all the same UTF8 we are on a unix server.

    NEW DATABASE photo

    The New database is alot smaller too in Tables - 246 vrs the old 272 tables.
    is there a script I can run to change my old database back to default tables as well as leave our content in the database intact?

    I did check suspect files, nothing showed suspect - and I reverted my Styles to default - still error 500.
    only when Go advanced button is clicked to post - if I turn OFF the hook/plugin system - the Go Advanced button WORKS and no Error occurs, BUT we lose our blog and Articles stuff.

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    You could use Impex from the members area a simply import the users/posts etc into the new site.

    As for the 500 error, you could turn on display_errors on php.ini & most likely see the real issue, most vhosts allow use of a local php.ini in your root folder of the site.
    display_errors = On
    You can also disable the plugin system via config.php or thru the admincp & re-test, if its that old and the new server is running a current version of php, its most likely a php deprecated problem, due to the old coding in your current forum.
    Gentoo Geek


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      Make sure you backup your database and site before you try to import the site via Impex. Also note that using Impex will change the URLs so any previous links saved on your site will no longer work correctly and any content indexed in Google will be lost.

      We do not officially support importing from vBulletin into vBulletin but it is possible.


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