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Maximizing Google Analytics for Vbulletin

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  • [Forum] Maximizing Google Analytics for Vbulletin

    Hello All,

    For about 5 years I have been running StatCounter with my Vbulletin and as far as I can tell it's quite accurate, I'll go through the recent visitors, there's no real double counting, from hit to hit it's a unique IP, location, etc, sometimes there's a double hit on a search phrase like "WHATEVER" twice in a row or something, but all in all, uniques will be a certain level and pageviews another level which for all intents and purposes seem accurate enough.

    Then I started to try and sell my domain/forum and EVERYONE wants to see Google Analytics data, so I decided to try it out and I am shocked to see that close to 75% of hits that statcounter tracks are not tracked by Google Analytics. The same goes for a second website of mine without Vbulletin, I will be counting approx 130 unique views per day on Statcounter and a mere 17 on GA. It's astonishing and undoubtedly is resulting in potential buyers being put off to even being interested in my sites.

    Now before denouncing Google Analytics like MANY blogs and other webmasters do, is there something I am missing about the implementation of the GA code that could be resulting in over a thousand less unique views being tracked by GA as compared to StatCounter? I put it in the <HEAD> in the headerinclude at first, and then I used search/replace to replace <head> with <ga code><head> in dozens of templates. There is no discernible difference between those two approaches.

    And yes I inserted it in all active styles/themes including the mobile theme.

    Any insight is appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Have a look at Digital Point, they have an addon that might suit your needs.

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