Title or Ranking? -- Best way to make administrator look just like one of the guys?

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  • Rik Brown
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    • May 2005
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    [Forum] Title or Ranking? -- Best way to make administrator look just like one of the guys?

    I've setup myself with two user records of which both have administrator permissions. However, I want to have the 2nd user record to not show me as an administrator in my profile and messaging so that I can participate in the site while looking just like another user. Of course, I could lower the permissions of the 2nd user record and change back and forth. But that is troublesome. I'd rather want to act as an administrator as I move around the site but not be seen by users as being an administrator.

    So I currently am in the Administrator usergroup but have ticked an option to also be in a 2nd usergroup of which I'm the only user. I've also changed my user record "Display Usergroup" option from Administrator to the name of the 2nd usergroup.

    My problem is that although the 2nd user record shows with the correct title for the new usergroup, the image still shows as the Administrator image. I might add that the 2nd usergroup does not have an image assigned to it. I've also run the "Rebuild User Titles and Ranks" from the Maintenance section of the admincp.

    Am I going about this in the wrong way or have I just missed something?

    Appreciate any tips on getting this right. Thanks. -- Rik
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  • Dustin L.
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    What I would do is set the 2nd one to registered as primary and display, and administrator as a secondary group.

    Let me know if that does the trick.

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    • Rik Brown
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      • May 2005
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      • 4.2.X


      Thank you for looking into this. I reversed primary and secondary status. Then I ran admincp -> Maintenance -> Update User Title & Ranks. There was no change.

      I then changed the dropdown menu for the Administrator User Rank "Display Type" from "Always" to "If Displaygroup = This Group" and ran the maintenance again. Voila, I got the necessary change.

      Thank you for the suggestion. -- Rik


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