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Language Charset Problems

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  • [Forum] Language Charset Problems


    With reference to the upgiven post i tried all the solutions nothing worked for me.

    But when i changed (tried solution no. 5 according to upgiven post)

    include/config file

    // $config['Mysqli']['charset'] = 'utf8';

    After trying this all the plugins stopped working so i reset it again

    what would be the solution? Please guide immediately

    Best Regards,

    - - - Updated - - -

    no reply so far?

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    You haven't really stated what you exact problem is, so it's very hard to help out.

    Also, please read the forum rules about waiting 24 hours before trying to bump your post.

    Please don't PM or VM me for support - I only help out in the threads.
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      thanks for telling me the rules! i have fond the solution by myself, vbulletin support is equal to none.


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        Have you thought of letting anyone else know the problem and the solution, so other people can learn?
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          i was having problem of language char set in my forum since i had purchased vbulletin. I use the language other then that of English. The other language is in unicode so when i send RSS, or feed burn something the language was turned it *&EAA#### like this which was not readable i searched on google to find the solution and found this thread as result

          i tried every solution which was told in it but nothing helped me. only applying solution no. 5 stopped my all plugins working i then reverted the action and asked here that what is the solution of solving this char set problem but unfortunately no one responded.

          After that i contacted one of my friend who was using vbulletin and was using encoding utf-8 successfully he told me to go to

          Admin CP -> Languages & Phrases -> Language Manager -> [Edit Settings] -> HTML Character Set

          and replace HTML Character set which was ISO-89****-1 with UTF-8 and after saving the setting there was a small link under it rebuild language or something thing like on clicking it the forums style was rebuilt and it took few seconds.

          Result are quite useful the encoding of complete forum changed to UTF-8 which is quite useful with out altering the database, rss and feed burner language is readable as well.
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