Did the CMS really use that many resources?

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  • Big Dan
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    [CMS] Did the CMS really use that many resources?

    Hi Guys,

    Last week, I moved my biggest board from XenForo to back to vBulletin. A few days later I moved to a new VPS. One of the reasons I moved away from vBulletin was having to upgrade my VPS's RAM a couple of times it was just costing me to much money. We previously ran the vBulletin suite but the CMS sat unused for the most part.

    This time around I bought a forum only license during the sale last month. With normal activity levels I'm only seeing less than 30% RAM utilization. The VPS's has 2GB of RAM. When the same site was running the suite we had 3GB of RAM and lots of times we seen 70-80% utilization.

    Is it possible that the suite sucked down that much extra RAM. I have a feeling something else what going on but I'll be damned if I can put a finger on it. Just looking for thoughts.

  • Wayne Luke
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    If you weren't using the CMS, it wouldn't be using RAM.

    With the CMS, every block/widget will increase resources. Some are resource friendly. Some are not. Ultimately how you use the software does affect the resources it uses.
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