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import previous version database into fresh install?

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  • cloferba
    Yes, you can import an existent vbulletin forum into a fresh install using IMPEX.

    You can read more about IMPEX on the vBulletin documentation:

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  • import previous version database into fresh install?

    I'm running vB4.1.10 which was upgraded over the years from some iteration of vB3. The current installation of CMS is broken and I have to leave it disabled. I tried updating to 4.2 on a test server and it seemed to work ok, but it appeared to skip a lot of the steps related to CMS as unnecessary and when I re-enabled it after the upgrade it was still broken.

    We have a bunch of old plug-ins we don't use and some legacy stuff from the previous versions. What I'd like to do is make a fresh install of 4.2, install only the plug-ins I need, get the style the way I want it, and then import the current database with all the user info and threads, etc. Is that possible? The current site has several bugs I'm hoping an upgrade to 4.2 and a newly generated style will fix.

    Is there somewhere with detailed instructions on how to do this? Sorry, I'm pretty much a novice.

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