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  • Intermittent Double Posting

    vBulletin Version 4.2.2 PL1
    PHP Version 5.4.32
    MySQL Version 5.6.17
    Any Addons installed Yes, dbtech thanks and [you] mod but I have all hooks globally disables in config.php Also have skip all errors in config php
    Does the issue occur in a default style?
    Error message on the screen' No errors but sometimes when double posting people are asked to confirm whether they want to stay or leave page
    Browser and Browser version used.
    A list of steps that can be used to recreate the issue. It is intermittent

    Ok my forum has been experiencing intermittent double posting for the past month. There have been no changes to software version, style or mods for several months.

    I have optimised my database several months ago with help from George:

    My server is a VPS with just the one website. I have made no changes to my forum whatsoever in months, my forum is setup to use xcache. According to my service status system is only using 31% of memory with MySQL using around 18% and my server load is only 0.03.

    The only thing that has happened recently is I have my database copied for test purposes which is only accessible by me. But considering most people with a VPS will have multiple websites/forums I'm not sure why this would be a problem.

    This is towards the end of the slow traffic time of the year for my forum niche so there has been no large seasonal increase in traffic yet to explain it. This is happening during the day, I have backups and statistics etc happening during the wee hours so its not that either.
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