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  • pelican
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    • Aug 2004
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    • 3.6.x

    [CMS] home page display selected sub-section

    My cms section hierarchy is as follow

    - Homepage Section
    -- Subsection 1 (contains articles of interest 1)
    -- Subsection 2 (contains articles of interest 2)
    -- Subsection 3 (contains articles of rules and guidelines)

    at the moment, i can only find option to display articles from all subsection in homepage section.

    is it possible to select only articles in specific subsection (or exclude articles in specific subsection) displaying in homepage section.

    Eg. I only want articles from subsection 1 and 2 to appear in homepage section but not subsection 3.
  • ncbluelions
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    • Nov 2012
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    • 4.2.X

    I'm looking for the same answer. It appears that all new sections must exist as a child of the initial cms section and that all sub-sections must then be displayed as the initial section is what displays on homepage.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I figured it out, posted a reply and then clicked the wrong friggin button.

    Ok, on your cms homepage: Click on the Edit Icon next to the name of the top section in your main content area. Edit "Per Page" to "1". It now only shows one article.

    You can create a new section (let's call it Homepage) and then in Section Manager, set Homepage to display before all other sections. As long as your "Per Page" in the primary section is Equal to OR Lower than the number of articles in Homepage, only homepage articles will appear.

    If you want SOME articles from multiple sections to appear, you can set your primary group "per page" to, let's say "10". Then you can set the Per Page for Homepage to "5" and another section, let's say "News" to "5".

    5 articles from Homepage section will show followed by 5 articles from News.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Additional Edit...

    You have to go to Content Manager and change the order of display there too? I found that odd, but yeah. I changed my "homepage" article to display order "1" and that's what made it display first.

    Apparently, the Section Manager display orders are just how each section shows up in the list of sections, NOT how they display on the homepage.


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