Tweaking Load Time or "Why is Chrome faster?"

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    [Forum] Tweaking Load Time or "Why is Chrome faster?"


    i am currently into tweaking the loadtime of my vbulletin installation and i saw some strange behaviour i can not quiet explain. When i load the forum in Firefox the debug information tells me, the load time is about 0,9 Seconds, while in Chrome it is only about 0,2 seconds. But the debug information and queries are serverside, so how could that be?
    Another thing: When i take a closer look into the execute time of the queries, there is a huge timegap between
    SELECT MAX(permissions & 1) AS perm FROM vb_cms_permissions WHERE nodeid = 1 AND usergroupid IN (1)

    SELECT * FROM vb_style WHERE (styleid = 3 AND userselect = 1)     OR styleid = 3 ORDER BY styleid ASC LIMIT 1
    Of about ~0,7 seconds when looking at the info in Firefox, while there is nearly no gap between those two in Chrome.
    Something seems to happen between those two that doesn't happen in Chrome. I don't know what to think of this, anyone got any ideas/suggestions or anything ? Would be cool if i could at least understand what the FF does for 0,7 seconds between those two queries.
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