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  • [Forum] anchor VB 4.1.10


    there is any solution to put anchor work fine with this version?
    my anchors aren't working fine with last version :s


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    Can you be more specific about what isn't working?


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      sure, i will try:

      in our post, in one topic, i have:
      [aanchor="ponto2"] What it [/aanchor]

      In same topic, but another post we have
      [anchor]What it[/anchor]

      Before the upgrade to last version, this worked fine.
      Now when we click in anchor "what it" we are just redirected to mainpage, home.

      the codes are:
      bb code tag name: aanchor
      replacement: <a href="#{option}">{param}</a>

      bb code tag name: anchor
      replacement: <a name="{param}"></a>

      onmouseover we can see the link http://adressurl/#ponto2


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