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  • [Forum] Navigation Manager Links not showing

    Hi guys,

    I have created my new tab without any issues, however none of the links show.

    I have tried creating a new blank default theme however the links still don't show. We are using the default theme with no navbar mods, so any help or advice would be appreciated.


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    Are you sure the option Show Permission Name for each menu/link is blank?


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      Sure is, all blank.
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        If you want to PM me a admin account so I can log in and see what is going on I'll take a look at it.

        If you prefer not to give me access can you post a screenshot of the nav manager in admincp with the tab selected?


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          Thanks Joe, I'll PM the details now.


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            After logging into your Admin CP -> Navigation Manager I see you have no menus or links setup for your Garage or Experience tabs.

            Only iTrader has links setup however you do not have any Tab Script(s) entered for this tab so when a user clicks on it the forum doesn't highlight it- basically meaning for all intensive purposes no menu items will show.

            I took a chance and found the name of the itrader script is itrader_main and entered that into the Tab Script(s) box and now the menu links do show correctly when someone clicks in the iTrader tab.

            For each tab you need to either enter 1 or more Tab Script(s) values OR say YES to the option Append 'tabid' to URL. You usually need one or the other, not both.

            Without either of those vBulletin doesn't "know" when to make a specific tab active.

            You can find the Tab Script value by opening the .php file of the page you are on and looking at the line near the top that specified the THIS_SCRIPT value. It is usually, but not always, the same name of the php file without the php extension. (For example iTrader is itrader_main.php and the script value is itrader_main)
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              Awesome thanks Joe!

              Some great advice, I had no idea about the tab scripts; I'm going to fix the other two now hopefully!

              Thanks again, I really appreciate it.


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                Just a word to the wise here, if you are calling more than one file within your links then you'll need to set multiple Tab Scripts in the Menu Tab, these are separated by a dot, this is necessary if you want to get back the full functionality of the Itrader Sub-menu system.

                So for those of you attemtping to fix the broken Itrader menu system you first need to disable the Navbar stuff in Itraders 'Forum Integration' page in AdminCP.

                You then use Navigation manager to make a New Nav Tab for Itrader and have it call Itrader_main.php? in the Target Url section. As BirdoPrey stated above you then need to add the Tab Script 'Itrader_main' to the relevant area in the menu config page.

                You can then begin creating links to make those missing Itrader menu systems. This is done by calling the same Itrader_main.php file (in the target URL section of the link config page) but handing it different arguments in the format itrader_main.php?do=argument

                So to get back the original sub-menus you would create the following links with these 'target URL' designations.

                For a 'Browse all Members' link add the following to the Target URL, itrader_main.php?do=search

                For a 'Find a Customer' link add the following to the Target URL, itrader_main.php?do=findcustomer

                For a 'Find a Seller' link add the following to the Target URL, itrader_main.php?do=findseller

                For a 'Your Options' link add the following to the Target URL, itrader_main.php?do=options

                For a 'Itrader Home Page' link add the following to the Target URL, itrader_main.php? (this will bring you back to the main itrader page that clicking on the Itrader menu nav tab brings you to)

                There is one other sub-menu item that is not covered above and that is 'Your Itrader Profile'. This sub-menu option is not called via the itrader_main.php file but by another file which has a different Tab Script defined. So first create a link called 'Your Itrader Profile' and added the following to the 'Target Url' section of the link config page, itrader.php?

                Now go back to the original Itrader Menu Tab you created and edit the Tab Scripts section in the config page. Instead of Itrader_main add Itrader_main.Itrader. As I said earlier you can add multiple Tab Scripts but they need to be separated by a dot.
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                  Thanks so much Old Git.

                  You can specify more than one by joining them with a dot - however, this option is limited to 30 characters maximum, it is not designed for mass usage. If you are writing a product that uses many different scripts, you should set your own constant in them, and use the 'set_navigation_tab' hook to detect this constant and set your selected tab.
                  I am not sure what to do when you exceed the limit of 30 chars...
                  Could anyone give an example?
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