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  • [Forum] Controlling Forum Prefix Output

    This is a tough question. I've noticed that thread prefixes will be attached to titles in some places but not others. For example:

    RSS - Any external RSS feeds show the prefix before the thread, not optimal

    Google Search - shows the threads with prefix in their name (at least it does on this forum: )

    So I really need to do two things:

    (1) How do I get rid of the thread prefix from appearing in Google searches? I'm not sure if it helps or hurts me just yet and sometimes may turn away users from clicking on my links. (should be after the title if anything for Google, in a separate area here for visibility and NOT part of the title.)

    (2) I would like to have 2 prefixes. I'm guessing there is no way to "tag" a thread with a forced tag instead of a prefix? I need two ways of categorizing threads but I don't know that there is a choice to have users select from a set of predefined tags the same way you need to do for a forum prefix.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I discovered this setting - doesn't do anything to solve the problem:Show Thread Prefix in Last Post Column?

    All it does is remove the prefix from the last post. Everything else is indexed this way. Not good...

    Turn off sticky prefix in forum display <<-- This option did work either. I thought it would remove the word "sticky" in the forum display. Actually, I'm not sure what it does or is supposed to do.
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    I imagine Google is indexing the way it does because the thread prefix shows before the thread title on forumdisplay and showthread pages.

    For forumdisplay you could manually edit the threadbit template and physically move the code of the thread title to behind the thread (thread postfix) or remove it completely, whatever you prefer.

    Anything else would require custom modifications.


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