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  • BrianHoltz
    New Member
    • Nov 2011
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    [Forum] imported language phrases truncated at first special character

    For all the language packs (french, spanish, italian, etc.) I've imported into VB (4.1.8), the phrases get truncated at the first special character in my beta and prod installations. However, no truncation happens in my dev environment. One difference I see there is that my dev env has "latin1" for four mysql settings (below) that are all utf8 in beta and prod. Is this the problem? Below is a simplified sample language pack that I've tested with.

    character_set_client latin1
    character_set_connection latin1
    character_set_database utf8
    character_set_filesystem binary
    character_set_results latin1
    character_set_server latin1
    character_set_system utf8
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <language name="BHItaliano (BH)" vbversion="4.1.8" product="vbulletin" type="custom">
    <imagesoverride />
    <dateoverride />
    <timeoverride />
    <registereddateoverride />
    <calformat1override />
    <calformat2override />
    <logdateoverride />
    <locale />
    <phrasetype name="Advertising" fieldname="advertising">
    <phrase name="ad_active_description" date="1260639964" username="Darkshenron" version="4.0.0 Release Candidate 2"><![CDATA[Se è attiva e nessun criterio è stato impostato, la pubblicità verrà mostrata a tutti.]]></phrase>
  • BrianHoltz
    New Member
    • Nov 2011
    • 4

    Answering my own question: the truncation problem is fixed by 1) translating the file via 'iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8' and 2) editing the encoding and charset to be "UTF-8".

    This fixed my DE FR ES language packs. However, for IT and TR some of the special characters are garbled. In the case of IT, the truncation problem wasn't fixed by the above, and I tried converting from ISO-8859-2 instead. That solved truncation, but left me with garbling. Maybe the language packs I have just can't work with UTF-8 at all?


    • Zachery
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      • Jul 2002
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      If you want to use UTF8, everything needs to be utf8. Everything needs to match the first time around. You have data stored in another format, and you're not converting it voer, just changing the way its stored.

      You may need to undo your changes, export the database, and then reimporting it making sure the system is set to use it as UTF8. You might also need to do data conversion at some point.


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