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How do I set my home tab as my default homepage??

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  • [Forum] How do I set my home tab as my default homepage??

    how do I set my home tab (not the forum tab) but my home tab as my default homepage? cus I want to add side bars to the page under my home tab in my navbar using Everywhere Sidebar vb4 from, can someone tell me how to do this plz. thank you!^ ^

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    Resetting the Default Tab in 4.2.0.
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    Live vBulletin 4.2.0 Multilingual * Alpha/Beta vB 4 - vB 5 Tier 1A
    CentOS 6.2 - Apache:2.2.15(Apache2Handler) - PHP:5.3.3 - MySQL:5.1.61
    Xampp/Win-XP - Apache v2.2.21(Apache2Handler) - PHP:5.3.8 - MySQL:5.5.16


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      Originally posted by Merjawy View Post
      but how do I reset it that's what I don't know?=/

      Edit: Nvm I see how to do it, thx man.^ ^


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