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  • [Forum] Notification emails - really late

    Had a problem with my vbulletin forum for a few months now

    The emails it sends out (new PM, new reply in subscribed thread... etc) used to all go out in the middle of the night - but now they're going out randomly during the day and seem in some cases a week or two old. I've personally had a few notifications of new replies and when I've opened the thread the reply was a week ago

    What can I do to find out what's causing this?

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    Ahhhh just stumbled upon this

    That seems to be the issue - got 28,000+ emails in the queue

    I hadn't even realised this had changed in 4.2.0 and 10 per batch is a silly setting for anything other than a very small forum
    Oh well - upped it to 2,000 per cron and will see how I get on

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    If you want it to be immediate e-mails like before, simply turn the cron off.
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      Set Settings -> Options -> Email Options -> Use Cron Based Sending = No.

      Then all your emails will be sent out as they were previously. Alternatively you can increase the number of emails to send out per batch to a higher number. If you're using SMTP or your own dedicated server, it is simpler to simply turn it off though.
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