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  • Seattle_Mike
    • Feb 2008
    • 38

    [Forum] Question on Social Bookmarking

    I must be totally missing the point but why do the Social Bookmarking icons only show up under Guest viewing? I just want them there so our registered viewers have a quick link to our Facebook page. (not to post on Facebook etc.)
  • BirdOPrey5
    Senior Member
    • Jul 2008
    • 9613
    • 5.6.3

    They don't show only to guests, they show only in "Guest Viewable Threads" - that means threads people can see without logging in.

    The reason that is true is because when you use a social bookmark that site (digg, facebook, whatever) looks at your page for information and it only can do so as a guest. They don't want you putting a link to a page someone has to log into to see- much like only threads that are guest-viewable get picked up by Google- no one wants private content.


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