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Easy removal of the default styles (CSS)

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  • [CMS] Easy removal of the default styles (CSS)

    I've created a new style with "no parent" but it still uses the default CSS templates from the default style.

    Without having to go into each of the CSS templates and emptying them so I am left with a totally clear CSS site, is there any easier way to do this? I'm aware additional.css is used to overwrite current styles, but this isn't a solution for me really.

    Thank you,
    Andy Woodrow
    ps - new to vBulletin, first customer with Forum, Blog and CMS.

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    The only way would be to empty the CSS templates and save them in that state. It will always inherit from the hidden master Style if the template isn't modified.
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      Hi Wayne,

      OK no problems thank you. I was expecting a plugin or an easy way to removal all CSS in one load, but that's fine. Thanks for your response.



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