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WYSIWYG Editor - Smilies broken

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  • [Forum] WYSIWYG Editor - Smilies broken

    The paths to my smilies are working just fine, except in the editor when I click on the smilie face, they're all broken. They're linking to /forums//forums/images/smilies/{image}.gif

    Where do I go to adjust the path that the editor is pointing to the images?

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    Should be under ImagePaths in the StyleVar manager. - Convert lowercase text and code to all uppercase! - Convert uppercase text and code to all lowercase!


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      Whenever there's a issue with smilies it's typically one of three things:
      • Image Path in StyleVars.
      • Image Path in Smiley settings (AdminCP > Smilies > Smiley Manager > Click on Smiley group name "Generic Smilies" and then click on the smiley to edit and ensure the path is also correct there).
      • Smiley images not uploaded to a custom styles image folder.

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        I fixed it.

        It is weird because the paths in the Smiley settings are set to /forums/images/smilies/{imagename}. The box that's to the right of the WYSIWYG editor displays the smilies fine. Inputting a smilie into a post works fine...but it was just the small popup box that clicking the WYSIWYG smilie (the sprite) that had broken links.

        All I did was update the Generic smilies path to "../forums/images/smilies/{imagename}" and they're working fine now, even in the box to the right of the editor.

        - - - Updated - - -

        Or my other option that I just realized was to just completely get rid of ../forums/ or /forums/ all together.

        images/smilies/{imagename} works just fine, and is consistent.


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