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Notifications suddenly STOPPED via email

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  • [Forum] Notifications suddenly STOPPED via email

    This is for ALL members.

    It seems to have happened once I enabled Subscriptions. I havent changed any of the user privilages as a user just has their usertitle changed when they subscribe.

    1. Ive gone into the backend and checked the email settings and it was all ok
    2. I opened the diagnostics and sent an email to various addresses and it was all fine
    3. I changed the email options to -f parameter and still nothing
    4. I changed the forum from php to SMTP, checked it with diagnostics and it worked but still no notification via email.
    5. I checked the cpanel and checked MX settings and all is ok
    6. I did an email tracking in cpanel and everything was fine

    What is happening? I have no custom scripts in this forum. It is running 4.2.0 and has been running absolutely fine up until now.

    Im happy for an admin to check the backend



    - - - Updated - - -

    Just an update, I had max daily emails set to 500 in my server backend - I have just gone in and changed it to unlimited.

    I reversed the above settings back to no for -f and back to php

    Will the server have a backup of emails and suddenly send out a shootload of emails to members or will those be null and void?


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    That's probably a question for your host to answer if they were held up there.
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      I had to change the cron job for email settings from 10 to 1000 and then run the cron job 2 times to clear it. It was the mailqueue all clogged up.


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        When do you run the cron job?


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          The cron job runs automatically via the Scheduled Tasks every 10 minutes.

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            I don't see cron job under my scheduled tasks


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              This still isn't working and our members are getting super mad.


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                The cron job is run every ten minutes via the scheduled task I mentioned in your thread.


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