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Alt+S doesn't work for me. It never has on vB4.

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  • [Forum] Alt+S doesn't work for me. It never has on vB4.

    I don't know if it is my internet, or something else, but I cannot use the access key functionality to submit posts in vB4. It works fine on all vB3 forums.

    In chrome, the access key is alt. If I press alt+s on a vB3 forum, then it submits, if I do the same on a vB4 forum, I just get a ding on my windows machine

    Any explanation to what causes it? Does it work for anyone else?

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    I've never tried it but am about to in Chrome on my mac.

    Nope, it doesn't work for me at all.

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      Originally posted by Lynne View Post
      I've never tried it but am about to in Chrome on my mac.

      Nope, it doesn't work for me at all.
      And it is strange, because if you hover your mouse over the Submit/Post/Post quick reply button it says (Alt+S)....


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        Some browsers (like chrome) are jerks and won't let you use alt + s. it does work fine for me in chrome on Win8, and IE9/10, and firefox either out of the box or with a tweak, I don't remember.

        Under OSX I believe it might be command S instead of alt.


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          Click outside of the editor (so that there is no flashing text bar) before hitting ALT+S But you might as well just click the reply button.
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            It ain't just ALT+S from what I can tell.


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              Going to bump this back up from the grave.

              The issue only exists with the "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing" editor. If you go back to the basic or standard editors, the Alt+S to submit works fine whether focused in the QR box or not.


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                You would need to report it in the tracker. Though I have a feeling it's browser-related.
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                  In firefox, it's ALT+SHIFT+S, rather than just ALT+S


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                    This again, is a browser setting, it should work for for KEYCOMBO+S for your browser of choice.


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                      In Chrome 30, Shift-Alt-S works to submit but only after I click outside the window and back in it. Haven't investigated further.
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