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Using CMS for Document Management

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  • Riasat
    You will need to address these:
    - increase php upload limit
    - add docx, zip etc extensions in admincp > attachments and specify proper max sizes
    - make sure your php timeout is set high enough
    - in admincp > attachments, use the store attachments in to filesystem option. The (?) button in there will explain this feature in detail. Make sure to put the attachments folder above public_html
    - CMS permissions are in admincp > vb cms > permissions ; other than that, it follows general forum permissions

    I think the easiest way to accomplish the last goal would be putting a max total attachment limit for general users.

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  • Simon Bloomer
    started a topic [CMS] Using CMS for Document Management

    Using CMS for Document Management

    I have just purchased vBulletin CMS and am now starting to get to grips with it so as to replace my Joomla/phpBB based site.

    One fairly important component of my site is that I have documents (and sometimes software) available for download to my registered members.

    Now I know vBulletin doesn't have a true document management system built in but I should be able to get around that by attaching files to article content. However some of these files are well over 250MB. Is this going to be a problem?

    If the size IS a problem then I could just ftp the files into a folder, but then how would I protect those files to be available for registered members only?

    Related to this as regards attachment permissions, I assume the attachment settings are for both the CMS and Forum, and that no separate permissions exist for the two?

    I guess I can assign attachment upload limits to different users who have upload access to my "document management" section, while keeping much more realistic upload limits for general users.

    Is my thinking in the right direction?

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