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Large thread causes server error for moderators and bots

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  • [Forum] Large thread causes server error for moderators and bots

    I have a thread on my forum with over 75.000 posts, and all of our users can access the thread without any problem.

    If I give a usergroup the following right: "Can moderate All Forums (is super moderator)" - then entering the thread produces a 500 server error. I also see that Google and other bots are getting a server error from this thread.

    All other threads are working properly, but moderators can't access this particular thread, and the only thing I have come up with is that there is a connection between the moderator rights and the large number of posts.

    I have tried to open a Ticket here at vBulletin, but after looking at the problem, I was told by VB support to contact the server host since no error is produced in the error.log. We have our own dedictated server, so we can't contact any server host, and I was just wondering if anybody else has encountered the same problem, and perhaps have a solution.

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    I'm guessing you have a ton of deleted posts or moderated posts in that thread, which changes the query and shows more data.
    Step 1, make sure php error reporting is on, chances are display_errors is set to off and you're not seeing the error. Try adding
    ini_set("display_errors", "On");
    to your config.php file
    Step 2, don't let threads get that big in the future, for moderating, and ability to follow the discussion, threads over 1000-2000 posts should be locked and re-created. In the long run it makes your moderators life easier.


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      I have changed Display errors to ON in myy PHP.ini file on the server, and when I try to access the thread now I only get a white page, and nothing in the error.log.

      When you say "Config.php" - did you mean my servers PHP.ini file, or the vBulletin's Config.php file?


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        the php.ini works, did you restart apache?


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          Yes, I rebooted the server (same thing).

          I can see PHP errors in the log, but I can't see anything when entering this particular thread. The thread does not show, and it does not produce any PHP errors.


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            What errors are you seeing?
            How is php compiled? cgi/fcgi or apache module?


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              Apache, and I see no errors that can be related to this problem.


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