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Navigation Manager Tab to be shown to several user groups, how?

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  • [Forum] Navigation Manager Tab to be shown to several user groups, how?

    With the new Navigation Manager how do I get a Tab to be shown to several user groups but not everyone?

    Right now, the only choice I have is to show it to everyone or just one group.

    I even tried the Navigation Manager Enhancements plug-in and it didn't seem to let me do that either.

    Picking several groups who could see it just meant that someone had to belong to ALL those groups to see it.

    At first it seemed to do let me do that by picking who could not see it, but then I found that someone coming to the forum who was not logged in could see it, even after I chose the option to not let them see it.

    I'm willing to get my hands dirty adding an array to the proper page, but I don't know where the settings are for that, if someone could point me there.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    See the note here by sinucello -

    Basically w/ that modification you need to double-check permission settings.

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