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Exclude specific users/usergroups or forum sections from activity stream?

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    Originally posted by JayDogg View Post
    Ooooh OK, I finally found what you are talking about. So that line navigates to the files on the back end of vBulletin on the server. See this is what I wanted to avoid as I don't want to screw anything up with the code unless I know exactly what I'm doing. Hence my request for more literature because I'm a noob.
    You do not have anything to worry about. Even if you won''t add the code right that will cause an error, all you have to do is reupload the file from a fresh vb package and you should be all set. Or make first a backup of the file that you will edit.

    Originally posted by JayDogg View Post
    Going by the vBulletin manual, it seems I have to contact the .org side of things because this is considered a mod. I'm really trying not to sign up to any more forums as I have enough on my plate already.
    That is correct. All coding/styling related questions should be asked over at As that site handels that part.

    Originally posted by JayDogg View Post
    Regarding the above codes, I'm using FileZilla. When I navigate to the above .php files, it'll let me add files to the queue. From there I'm lost. A list of Local files and Remote files show up in a box, but I have no clue on what to do from there.
    Right click at the file and choose for the Download option and it will be downloaded at a location of your choosing at your pc and you can make the edits there. Make sure to use a decent php editor program btw.

    Originally posted by Thierry Martin View Post

    What exactly is the line we add your code after? Not everybody knows what "the queries" means.
    Add it after this bit of code at both files mentioned above.

    t.visible <> 2


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      Originally posted by Lynne View Post
      ...If you guys need more help with modifying code, you really need to take this discussion over to, the modification site.

      We're not modifying the code, we're fixing it!

      Thanks for the code, Lynne, I think it's easy for programmers and tech support people to forget that there are people who don't know how it all works. I even googled "PHP queries" and couldn't figure out where to add the lines. The first three places I tried completely blanked out the activity stream page.

      Now it works!
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        Ok, I've edited both the post and thread files as listed with the same forum that I want to exclude... herein lies the odd issue. The Thread one works perfectly and they don't display in the activity stream (as desired), however, the Post doesn't work properly and they DO display regardless.


        I've attached a screenshot, I used the exact same code on both files. Any ideas as to why this wouldn't work or what I may be missing?


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          Excluding forums from the Activity Stream isn't a feature of vBulletin 4, it's just not designed that way.
 is the best place to ask - the vB support team are not programmers and we can't really provide any more help on this than Lynne has already posted (albeit several years ago).

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