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New Post Error after changing hosts.

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  • [Forum] New Post Error after changing hosts.

    Hi All,
    Before I submit a support ticket and tie down resources I wonder if anyone knows what might have happened to my forum.(Version 4.1.2)
    This week I changed my host.
    The transfer went OK without the loss or damage to my database or images.
    everything is working well with the exception of "New posts" function and "Whats New" function on the Home (Forum) Page.
    It is happening to me and to my community members.
    When selecting either of these functions the page refreshes back to the Home Page and doesn't bring up the list of new posts or the "No new posts" Page.

    It would also appear that if I go to a user and select "view all posts" that takes me to the Home page also bypassing that users posts.

    Has this happened to anyone else please or is there anyone who might know what's causing this problem please?

    My site is in my sig if anyone wants to visit and test.
    Last edited by Coppers Lot; Fri 25 May '12, 2:13am.

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