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How can I set a setting for all forums at once?

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  • [Forum] How can I set a setting for all forums at once?

    How can I set a setting for all forums? For example, how can I set Allow Smilies to No for all forums without having to set each one individually?
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    Here is the answer to my question and two more queries associated with my question.

    Set smilies off for all forums
    UPDATE forum SET options = options - 512 WHERE (options & 512)

    Find forums with smilies option on
    SELECT * FROM forum WHERE (options & 512)

    Set smilies on for all forums
    UPDATE forum SET options = options + 512 WHERE NOT (options & 512)


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      Thank you for posting those queries.

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        You're welcome.

        If you are using 4.2.2 you can use the following numbers as the bitmask for the corresponding option you are trying to change:

        <group name="forumoptions">
            <bitfield name="active">1</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="allowposting">2</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="cancontainthreads">4</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="moderatenewpost">8</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="moderatenewthread">16</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="moderateattach">32</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="allowbbcode">64</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="allowimages">128</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="allowhtml">256</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="allowsmilies">512</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="allowicons">1024</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="allowratings">2048</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="countposts">4096</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="canhavepassword">8192</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="indexposts">16384</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="styleoverride">32768</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="showonforumjump">65536</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="prefixrequired">131072</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="allowvideos">262144</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="bypassdp">524288</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="displaywrt">1048576</bitfield>
            <bitfield name="canreputation">2097152</bitfield>


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