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    This may not be your exact problem but I couldn't type tags as an admin. The tag box wouldn't accept text, no flashing cursor. I could only add popular tags, not new ones. I had various other additional account types attached to my admin account as follows:

    Channel Member
    Channel Moderator
    Channel Owner
    CMS Author
    CMS Editor
    Registered Users
    Super Moderators

    I switched all these off and now I can post tags no problem as just an administrator.


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      There is really no reason for administrators to be assigned to multiple groups. We also recommend not changing the permission for the Channel Owner, Channel Moderator, or Channel Member usergroups under 99% of circumstances. These pseudo-usergroups should be left to be managed by the system and the settings on each Blog and Social Group.
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        Yes, being my first time with your software I made this mistake but really the additional groups shouldn't be selectable if you're say an admin. As you infer, a mix of shared privileges can cause issues and we all know people like to click things, I'm living proof!


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