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Change "Settings" wording in top right menu.

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  • [Forum] Change "Settings" wording in top right menu.

    I want to change the word "Settings" in the top right menu of links (where it shows Notifications, My Profile, and so forth). The word "Settings" seems to be a bit of a misnomer since that's where you also go to view reputation given/received, read your subscriptions, and so forth. I'd like to know how to change it to "User CP" like it was in the olden days. Would this conflict anywhere in the FAQ or elsewhere? That is to say, will certain sections of the forum direct users to click on the "Settings" link despite the fact that I've changed it to "User CP"?

    A (hopefully) quick and easy part two to the question: once going to one's Settings/User CP page, all I can see is reputation received. I seem to recall there was a way to see both received and given though. Is there a way to enable a setting to show both?

    Thanks so much for any assistance you can offer!

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    Edit the global phrase "user_control_panel". The only two places this seems to be used is in the top links and the Quick Navigation menu, so no weird conflicts there.

    Being able to view reputation you've given isn't currently a default feature, check over at


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      That did the trick perfectly. Thanks so much!


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