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    vBulletin 4.2.2 Patch Level 1

    About a week ago the way my forum worked with inline & attached images was that when someone posted (with the insert image button) an image inline it would not show it in the attached block/div.
    Now when you post an image it will show it inline but also show it in the attached block/div and looks like it was double posted by mistake.

    In vBulletin options, Message Attachement Options
    I always had set View Attached Images Inline -> Yes, full size
    if i change it to "No" or "Yes, display thumbnails" it will change all past posts where images where inline to text only or thumbs.
    Also if i display: none the .attachments it will work with new posts but it will also hide images that where posted in the past.

    Only change was a server migration 2 weeks ago (cant imagine that had to do something with this.)
    Any ideas why this happened and how can i restore it?

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	4106028
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    Nothing!!! No one has any idea?


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      What version of PHP and MySQL were on the old server? And what version of PHP and MySQL are on your new server?

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        Sorry for the long absence.
        Don't know about the old server but the new has PHP Version 5.3.28 & MySQL Version 5.5.37-cll


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          Have you rebuilt attachment thumbnails?

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            You mean after the server change? Not sure i did.
            Should i do it?


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              Yes, it's should be done anyhow, might not be the issue but it won't hurt to try it.
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                OK will do it now and post back.
                Also is there an issue with Firefox (33.0) when attaching images i click the Insert Inline (even in my fresh xampp install) but no image gets in the post not even the code (ATTACH=CONFIG]7[/ATTACH)

                Actually this is not an issue with firefox but with Administrator account.
                Logged (in my fresh install) as administrator i cant see the images that i try to post. (any browser)
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                  Rebuilt attachment didnt do anything.

                  I added a css rule
                  .attachments img {
                  max-width: 100px;
                  This way images show in full size inline and at 100px as attached under the post.


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                    This has been reported a few times, I would suggest upgrading to 4.2.3 Beta and see if that helps- it won't fix old posts but it may stop it from happening on new ones.

                    The reason you are getting the double post is because the image being posting inline is being done so with the [IMG} bbcode instead of the [attach] bbcode, but the reason so far is elusive.


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