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Datastore plugins updated - what does it mean and what should be done?

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  • [Forum] Datastore plugins updated - what does it mean and what should be done?

    Hello, following Mert's advice from this thread: I kindly ask for help on this matter:

    I received a notificaction from my test forum, caused by one of my moderators (I am using the vBSEO monitoring tool

    Datastore pluginlist mismatch!
    User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:11.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/11.0
    Request: /testforum/content.php
    User: hairqween
    GET: array (
    POST: array (
     'ajax' => NULL,
    COOKIE: array (
     'test_lastvisit' => 1332713998,
     'test_lastactivity' => 0,
     'test_userid' => XXXXX,
     'test_password' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXX',
     '__utma' => '86494279.1170711912.1309554620.1334055504.1334167422.464',
     '__utmz' => '86494279.1333300628.443.195.utmcsr=0612|utmccn=Newsletter|utmcmd=Email',
     '__utmv' => '86494279.usergroup-33-Moderator',
     'vbulletin_sidebar_collapse' => '0',
     'vbulletin_userlist_hide_avatars_buddylist' => '0',
     'vbulletin_collapse' => 'block_html_11
     'vbulletin_userlist_hide_avatars_incomingreqs' => '0',
     'bb_lastvisit' => '1333933056',
     'bb_lastactivity' => '0',
     'bb_userid' => 'XXXX',
     'bb_password' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX',
     'test_referrerid' => NULL,
     'test_threadedmode' => NULL,
     'test_sessionhash' => NULL,
     'test_userstyleid' => NULL,
     'test_languageid' => NULL,
     'test_skipmobilestyle' => NULL,
     'test_cms_rate' => NULL,
     'test_fbprofilepicurl' => NULL,
    What does that mean and how could that have happened? Is this just a cookie issue from jumping from a live site to a test forum? This member is a normal moderator with moderator's permissions and no access to the ACP or anything else. I am not too worried as this "only" happened in a test environment, but I'd like to understand what's going on and to make sure nothing can happen on a production site. I suppose such a warning doesn't appear just for fun ;-). Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    You're best off asking the vBSEO guys about the plugin and their own advice, its not a default script so we cannot help. Sorry.


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      LOL. Thanks Zach, that made my day. Here is what Mert from vBSEO replied when I first started a thread on their support forums:

      I would take the report to vBulletin as the referral system used is content.php
      And just for the records, here is what I replied:

      I just hope I get some support over there (vBulletin) and won't be sent back to here (vBSEO)....
      Once again I feel like a ball on a playground just being kicked from one side to another... And of course no-one is ever responsible to help. Well. I agree it's a vBSEO support issue as it's their tool and they should be able to interpret correctly and tell me what to do. This is why I started a thread over there in the first place. But as a customer asking for simple support I of course do what the professionals tell me...


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        Sorry, I assumed (without reading that thread) that you were asking for help with a plugin you got specificly from vBSEO, or included in their software, at which point we're not responsable for it. That is not a default message from vbulletin in any way shape or form, you should never see that with the default software. If I had to guess you installed some third party addon to scan the datastore, or vBSEO has included some feature to do so. Since its not something in vBulletin by default, we are unable to provide support for it.

        After reading Mert's response here, it seems like they provided you with this tool. Why they're unable to help you understand the output from it is beyond me, but reading the other responses in the thread it seems like the content system updated the datastore, to which their plugin decided it was no longer what it thought it was, and could have been a rogue addon/plugin/exploit/etc doing its thing and making your life hell.

        Hopefully that helps some, good luck.

        Your output from what I can make of it, looks harmless, FWIW.


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