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  • [CMS] Change embedded YouTube preview size

    I know this has been asked before and so far I have not found a straight up answer on how to do this. I need the preview youtube video to be even SMALLER than what it is at default. How do I do this? I checked the bb-code template for video and the only size in there is the large default size. I see nothing for the smaller preview.

    Also, how do I increase the amount of text in the preview?

    I just upgraded from 3.x to 4 CMS and am a little overwhelmed, meanwhile my site is down. I appreciate any help that you can give me.


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    Doing this is a bit complicated and not really supported. You have to make the modifications at your own risk.

    1) You need to edit the includes/xml/bbcode_video_vbulletin.xml file and change the sizes in there. You'll see two sections for YouTube. YouTube (Long) and YouTube (Short). You'll need to edit the height and width for the iFrame on each section.

    2) You need to put your vBulletin into Debug Mode.

    3) Finally, you need to go into the AdminCP and there will be a new menu on the left called Rebuild. From there you can rebuild your video BBCode.

    4) Next, check your template and make sure it has the correct values.
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