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  • [Forum] Activation Emails Issue

    One out of every few accounts that register on my site, don't get an activation email. So I have to manually send it all the time.

    Is there any way I can fix this?

    Thank you

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    Are they all using a common email provider? If so, which?
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      Not one in particular.. but a few. - most common

      13 accounts registered in the last 2 days.. all of which are awaiting activation. I got 2 emails asking for manual processing. Now I know the odds that some probably forgot to check for the email.. but this isn't the first time I've had this issue. A few weeks back, I had this happen. But thought it was a minor error that went away. Now its back, and happening more often and its taking its toll on the new users.

      EDIT: Just talked with a few members that registered. Some of them created dual accounts with the same email, and the activation email came the 2nd time, but not the 1st. ???
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        This is still occuring with gmail accounts.


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          Originally posted by unit1stealth View Post
          This is still occuring with gmail accounts.
          Turn on email logging to see what happens when those emails are attempted to be sent.

          Or whatever logging mechanism you have for your outgoing mail.

          If the emails are going out each time, then there's something wrong downstream or you're getting blocked. If the emails aren't going out from vBulletin, then that's another problems that can figured out with a little troubleshooting.

          Also, you can send a number of test emails from your AdminCP Maintenance menu, to see what happens.
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