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[HTML] Spacing between 2 ads

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  • schmid
    Ad Module
    by schmid

    is it possible to show more then one banner in the Ad Module.
    On my forum are at the moment 15 Banners, can i show them all with the Ad Module, if I use HTML?

    Mon 9th Jul '18, 6:53am
  • NxtGenCowboy
    Ad Module
    by NxtGenCowboy
    It seems when I place the ad module, the ad never gets populated. I see the space for it but the ad never shows up. I did notice that sometimes the code gets changed dependent on where you put the ad....
    Sun 13th Oct '13, 7:43am
  • Maxzp
    Problem in Ad and PRIVACY POLICY
    by Maxzp
    1) Ad
    Still constructing my site, to plan for the future. I want to reserve some area for Ads before I show to public.
    Question a) how can I determine the size of my ad area? my setting mainly...
    Sat 5th Nov '16, 10:56am
  • BigJim
    placing ads?
    by BigJim
    I was curious how many ads I can have on my forum? I see that there is an option for "one header ad" or "two header ads". Does that mean I can only have two ads total or is it two...
    Sun 6th Sep '15, 11:28am