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Page displays without CSS applied after creating/editing an article

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  • [CMS] Page displays without CSS applied after creating/editing an article

    In the htaccess file, there is a comment as under:

    # If you are having problems with the rewrite from content/ to content.php, uncomment this line to turn MultiViews off.
    # Options -MultiViews

    We moved our servers and after posting an article, the page displays without any CSS layouts. We uncommented the above line and tested the page after editing an article but got the same ugly page dump without any CSS applied.

    We then added another line to our htaccess as under and tried editing an article again but got the same page layout problems:

    RewriteRule ^content/.* content.php [QSA]

    However, if we surf to the same article page, the page displays just fine. It is only right after we create/edit an article that our page displays without any CSS applied.

    Our Friendly URL are set to "Mod Rewrite Friendly URLs".

    What else should we do to resolve this?


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    I just posted a question in the forum on vB site and after clicking the submit button, the page displayed exactly as said above - without applying any CSS. When I clicked refresh button, it rendered fine.

    Will someone look into it?



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      You are saying that when you clicked to submit this thread you had the issue? I have not seen this at all. What browser are you using and do you have any addons installed with it?

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        I used Safari 5 on Mac with no add-ons.


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