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Website seems to be blocked.

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  • Website seems to be blocked.

    I don't think this is a forum issue in itself, but I do not know where else to go. The problem is that around 60% of me members cannot access my forum. Its like its been blocked. When using IE they will get this error (See Below).

    When using Chrome it says it just can't connect. I am based in the UK and I know the government has block websites that might be seen as porn. My site is a rabbit forum but the url "golden bunnies" might be seen as an untrusted website? I am not sure. How do I go about getting it unblocked?
    Internet Explorer cannot display the web page
    Launch HP Network Check

    An issue prevented Internet Explorer from displaying the web page. Click the button above to launch HP Network Check to automatically diagnose and repair the issue.
    About HP Network Check
    • Can automatically detect, diagnose and repair many common network issues
    • Integrated with Windows Network Diagnostics Framework, so it runs both simultaneusly
    • Provides clear instructions to resolve issues that cannot be fixed automatically
    • Shows key system and network information for easier troubleshooting

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    Not going to be a UK government issue so you can rule that out.

    Is it just your forum that is doing this, or do other parts of the site do the same thing?

    The first step in any event would be to check your server logs (ask your host if unsure). We need to know what actual error is being generated in order to point you in the right direction.

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