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Battle With Webhost - "MySQL Server Has Gone Away" Errors

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    Originally posted by Scan Cape Cod View Post
    Thanks Wayne, I was able to do that and confirm Loco's findings. Not good at all. I hope it's temporary and was done for troubleshooting purposes. If not, it's the last straw for me. At this point I'd have to conclude that while not in perfect condition, my vBulletin config is not responsible for this problem, so I won't waste any more bandwidth here. Thanks to everyone for the help.

    Scan Cape Cod - DEFINITELY not a vBulletin issue... I only discovered this latest tightening of the noose on Developer Packages at 1&1 when I was preparing to upgrade one of my clients from 4.2.0 PL3 to 4.2.2 PL1. I couldn't get the MySQLDumper backup to complete... (the limits have been too low for a while to do a backup without something like MySQLDumper).

    As I investigated, I first discovered the MySQL Variables tightening, and THEN I discovered that AT LEAST the database server my vBulletin databases are hosted on is under sustained attack by numerous European/Eastern European malevolent beings...


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      After reading this post, I ran the Variable Quary, and sent a copy of it to [email protected] along with a nasty e-mail explaining the lack of access to my sight, and the 5 database errors an hour. Explained that I had been a loyal customer for 7 years and that they better get this crap fixed! Amazing with in 3 hours the problem was solved, have had no database errors in 48 hours, and every member of the sight has checked in saying the are having no problems accessing the sight, and are showing increased access speeds. Hope everyone else has better luck! Was expecting an e-mail blaming the problem on my end, but never received any response from 1 and 1. Just problem solved.


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        So you did get everything fixed? I was going to offer you temporary free hosting, until you find another host lol. I have my own dedicated server, with plenty of space and resources. I only have my vb forum on it, and my IRC Server. Some of my server specs: X2 Xeon Quad core CPUS 32GB ECC RAM Low Profile PCI-E Dedicated Raid Controller 2TB SSD Storage (Raid) X2 Gbit Nic's Running on its own dedicated internet connection So as you can see the server has plenty of resources. Lol. And I also have the PHP and MYSQL settings really high, such as packet size, upload size, timeout time, etc... There alot higher then what you will find on any shared hosting. And I can also change any setting you wish, or add any extention you need, you just got to ask and I'll have it installed within an hour. If you need my services, send me a PM. This offer won't expire. Just let me know.


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