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  • [Forum] 503 Service Unavailable on Search or New Posts

    About a week ago, users on my site started getting “503 Service Unavailable”
    when clicking on New Posts, or using the search function, I found a post on this site where someone had the same problem, and it was considered to be a hosting issue.

    I'm guessing that my “host” must have spent at least 30 seconds researching the problem and then told me to “republish the page”. I'm trying to get them to at least cycle Apache and MySQL, but was wondering if there might be any other direction I should be giving them. (We will likely be moving our site very soon). I do periodically get messages from VB about MySQL not being available from time to time..

    Many thanks

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    Have you tried upgrading to 4.1.10?


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      If you think that will make a difference I'll try that. I'm currently testing with 4.1.10, planning to move/upgrade in the near future. The production site has been up and on this server for at least six months and it's been quite some time since I've added any mods. Am I correct in assuming the new version might be more bullet-proof, or does the fact that the site has been running a long time change anything? BTW, my test site is running 4.1.10 and I can't reproduce the problem, but since I don't really know what's causing it to begin with, I resisted making any assumptions. If 4.1.10 will get us out of this, I'll upgrade the old site this weekend.

      Thanks again.


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        Actually there is a known bug in older versions of vBulletin & PHP that collide and we upgraded our code to work around the php segfault issue.


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          Dude, you rock! I'll upgrade the old site this weekend.

          Many thanks!


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