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White page entering admincp.

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  • [Forum] White page entering admincp.

    Well, i posted this on similar issue.

    My vbulletin version is (4.1.10). When i go to acp admin panel, I find a white page. I can't enter.
    I uploaded and uploaded the files and nothing happened.
    I turned to download (from here) the vbulletin files and turned to install again and again, and nothing hapened, same problem.
    I searched this issue on this forum and no clear answers found (sorry).

    I readed here that, going to modcp and login in modcp, and then going to admincp that works fine, and i can enter on my admincp with this method, but it is very awkward.

    So, due to this, my questions are:

    Is there marked this as and issue at bug tracker?
    or, is there any known solution for this?
    (Sorry by my English, I'm from Spain).
    Thanks in advance.

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    When you go to the modcp, are you using a different url - ie. versus

    If you check your error_logs (if you don't know where they are, ask your host), do you see anything in there.

    Here is a page from the manual about troubleshooting blank or 'white' pages:

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      No, sorry. Same URL. Just only different directories. I also tried with different browsers, and I had the same problem.

      I also readed this (you posted link problem to manual), but everything seems to be ok. I will turn to check it again but...

      This is a strange problem, i know it. I've been using for a long time vbulletin (other registered users and other versions) and i have never found this. It is a very strange problem. I can enter to admin panel entering previously to modcp panel, but this is not the solution.

      I still don't know what it could be....


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