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  • [Forum] RSS Feeds linking to eBay issue

    Curious to see if anyone else is pulling RSS Feeds off of eBay's Partner Program and having this same issue and has found a fix. For clarity, here's a link to the error in question.

    So the post is created as such: Control Panel Home > RSS Feeds > RSS Feed Manager - new feed pointing towards a link built by their Partner program which creates the post above. Pretty simple.

    When the RSS tools build the link on this page, everything is fine except for the link it builds for the image for the auction. Naturally, most people click on the image which results in a 404. So by clicking the image link the RSS tool has built a URL that contains a single quote character right after the forum address and then again at the end, a ' that is converted in the HTML to: & # 3 9 ; (minus the spaces)

    So I thought, OK, I'll do an Apache redirect. Easier said than done. Whatever I've tried doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? I queried eBay about this and they claim it's a VBulletin issue (of course). In their feed I notice there's a space for the image link that's inconsistent with other links so it's writing it as such which I think is causing the problem: <a href= '
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    I have the same problem. No idea how to have it fixed. The image s the only URL that hes the forum URL in it. I wonder why it's there. "More.." URL does not have the same problem.

    steve k.


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      aaargh. error. disregard.


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        steve k. -

        I filed a support ticket for this and was told they've verified this as a bug to be resolved in a future fix. Problem is, their parser can't handle a space in the URL field. eBay puts a space before the http reference only in the image link but not other links. Meanwhile, here's a fix they provided that worked nicely.


        In Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Replacement Variable Manager

        Click on [Add New Replacement Variable] next to your default style

        In Search for Text put:'

        In Replacement Text put:

        Repeat this for each style you have.

        Test it after the first one though to make sure it works and you don't waste your time.


        Obviously, you'll want to change the "yourdomainname" reference to match your sites address.


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          thanks, but this does not seem to work for me. Not sure why.


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            found your ticket

            the part to replace has to look like this
            HTML Code:
            testing now with the new version of the URL

            steve k.

            edit: this works
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              i`ve got the exact same problem and the above fix dont work
              the home for modified fords


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