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SkimLinks vs. Viglink

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  • [Forum] SkimLinks vs. Viglink

    I've been running Viglink on my forums for a year now. So I'm curious, what advantages SkimLinks has over Viglink?

    Has anyone compared the two?

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    Hi Rob,

    Anna here w/ VigLink! I'm sure other members can jump in with their individual experiences, but a few of the advantages VigLink is focused on delivering:

    • Better, less intrusive content monetization: With a merchant network that grows on a daily basis, our automatic Link Affiliation monetizes the greatest percentage of your links possible. If you turn LinkWeaver on, we think carefully about adding additional monetizable links to your site--we only add a link to content when there is a direct product/brand reference. The end result: you earn more and your users stay happy.
    • Comprehensive reporting: we provide the most detailed (and free) outbound web analytics packages available today--you know exactly where visitors are going when they leave your site, and whenever possible, what they are purchasing on the other side.
    • Awesome support: whether you have a technical question, or are curious what you can be doing to earn more, we have a dedicated customer success team to help you out every step of the way.




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      Originally posted by RobAC View Post
      I've been running Viglink on my forums for a year now. So I'm curious, what advantages SkimLinks has over Viglink?
      Hi Rob,

      I'm Alicia, CEO of Skimlinks. Am sure members can share their experiences, but happy to highlight some differences. Firstly, Skimlinks similarly offers seamless content monetization, comprehensive reporting and incredible support (I’m biased of course, but I’m confident we win in those three categories as well )

      Here are some of the real differences so you can assess what is right for you:
      • Size of our merchant program: We’ve got 18,000+ merchants in our network which means we work with more partners. What’s the advantage? There is a greater likelihood that your product references and links will be affiliated, so your sales volume will be higher.
      • International support - you didn't mention where you are based, but as we have offices in London and San Francisco, we can help with any questions, day or night. Our team is passionate, knowledgable, and excited about what we are trying to achieve. What’s the advantage? Bigger support team, quicker responses and getting to chat to people to smart, fun people with British, Australian, and American accents
      • SkimWords - our link injection solution has been around for 18 months longer, so is more advanced and widely used. We cover more merchants, are more accurate, and more supportive of your international visitors
      • Reporting API - for larger sites, we offer for free the best API for aggregating every commission and payment at a granular level in real-time and on a historical level, and the ability to achieve this for individual users or segments of users, including user type, page, and product, so you can learn all about your reader base and your website, and optimize accordingly
      • Preferred Partner Program - we have negotiated increased rates with over 200 merchants that in effect cover the cost of using Skimlinks
      • Product API - we offer an API for creating your own product-centric applications
      • Granular reporting - ability to dissect your data in many different ways: my day/week/month/custom; by individual merchants; by site; compare different date ranges, etc
      • URL shortener - if you want to monetize links in your emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc, we have a URL Shortener that monetizes your links even when they are outside your website
      • Technology - We’ve been the leading technologist and innovator in our space for four years now which has allowed us to rapidly prototype and develop new products (such as the SkimWords realtime price and product comparison flyover), maintain a 99.999% uptime rate, keep your pages running at full speed, and do cool geeky things like examine 200 billion monetisable phrases in under 100 ms.

      There is lots more, but I'll leave it to you to be pleasantly surprised when if you decide give us a go

      Give us a call if you want to chat further!

      Alicia Navarro
      CEO - Skimlinks


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        Used both - found Vigilinks to be more US and Skimlinks to be more UK.

        I remain for now with Skimlinks but find there reporting frustrating and payment is on the low and very slow side (90 days!!) for me atleast for example google roughly @ .25p per click while skim are .03p per click yet there getting 3 times as many clicks as google so in my book they should be paying .75p per click.......Infact thats just wound me up so I'm off to reduce the link density. Plus give my members a button to turn off it off if it bugs them.


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