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Emails, I'm Baffled !!

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  • Wayne Luke
    Bypass the forwarder and connect to your SMTP server directly. Settings -> Options -> Email Settings.

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  • cc10
    started a topic [Forum] Emails, I'm Baffled !!

    Emails, I'm Baffled !!

    Ok Heres the story..

    We were on a vps server and everything was running fine in terms of emails being recieved ie notification of posts, private messages and new user signups.

    We have moved the site to a new server (hybrid) and all emails are being recieved except new user signups, ive checked the email admin side, ive checked the forwarders server side, and all is as should be,

    does anyone have any suggestions, like i said notifications from topic replies and private messages are coming through but no new user emails, ive even changed the email address that new users notifications are sent by to the same one as the topic reply notifications, and still nothing.

    we are on version 4.1.7 at the moment but will be upgrading sometime this week.

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