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Extending YouTube Video Size Naturally to "Width= 500"

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  • [CMS] Extending YouTube Video Size Naturally to "Width= 500"


    Just last week, I posted this question on this site without getting a response. In my last installation before upgrading, I have been necessary modification in place through "bbcode_video" for YouTube videos to automatically parse at:

    width= "500"

    After upgrading, I went back into "bbcode_video" to adjust the settings for YouTube videos to parse at:

    width= "500"

    However, the modifications made this time in the stylevar did not work. Please refer to the link below to see what I'm talking about "the YouTube video is not showing completely"...

    Can you please let me know what exact modification in the stylevar I need to make, so that YouTube video will show at:

    width= "500"


    Thank you for your time in assisting me on this matter
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    You will want to ask this question over at, the place to discuss modifications.

    (Though, if you use the sarcastic smiley when thanking people over there, you might get the same result. It's a bit rude, really.)
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      The video in your example looks fine to me.


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