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  • [Forum] No CSS after upgrade

    I upgraded from 4.1.8 to 4.1.10 and now I have no styles

    I read thru all the threads about the same problem here on forums, but I havent found a solution

    my url is:

    I have checked the Site URL, also played with CSS file system on/off, and set the clientscript folder to 777

    I have no plugins other than whats included by default.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Revert your headinclude template. You deleted all the calls for vBulletin's CSS and Javascript.
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      I went into the style manager --> edit template --> headinclude --> reset --> save and reload

      now the page comes up different, its better but not 100% fixed

      one thing I notice is the footer says copyright 2000-2001, which isnt what I have in the forum options.

      Now if I open the footer template, make no changes, then save....I get the copyright 2001-2012 like I have in my options.


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        did the same thing with header template - just opened it and saved it without making any changes..that helped too

        but now it looks like its at some sort of default now, but the problem is I have only 1 style installed but thats not it. No others installed. I deleted the vbulletin4 stock style. Where's this coming from?

        EDIT: Now I have 2 styles installed, but Im not getting the drop-down box to change them. I have both checked in style manger.

        EDIT EDIT: If I open the footer template and just save it, i get the drop down menu back for style selection.
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