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  • [Forum] Test Site Q

    Been a long time since I've tinkered.

    I'm changing the name and look of my site so want to create a test site on my new URL. I've copied the database and uploaded it to a new one. I've copied the files and uploaded them to my new URL but I'm getting a white page. I can't see anything.
    I've re- uploaded them as per the manual but its still the same.
    Am I missing anything? What about settings in my Admincp? I can't access it through the site so are there any changes I can do in my database?

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    Anyone with any advice?


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      Did you remember to activate the MySql support in PHP.ini?


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        I've never done that before. What do I look for? I tried Googling but can't get a plain answer.


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          I have that section showing in my phpinfo file?


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            Add this line to the config.php and upload.

            define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true);

            You can also try to login to admincp directly, instead of going through forum footer links e.g.
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              I've tried both and still the same. I'm going to try uploading a clean version of vbulletin and see what that does.
              Thanks for the reply!


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                Did you change AdminCP > Settings > Options > Site Name/URL/etc > Forum URL to the new URL? Did you check your error_logs (if you don't know where they are, ask your host)?

                Here is a page from the manual about troubleshooting blank or 'white' pages:

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                  Lynne I can't access the admin cp. I did read that info and tried what I could. I'll see if the clean version works and then go from there.


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