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  • [Forum] Updating to latest release

    I have been trying to figure out for some time, how I can export my changes to the master style sheet before I upgrade my site. It has become a considerable hassle to backup all those changes each time before patching the website, then slowly adding them back one by one.

    I am sure there is some way to export the modifications to the master style and then re-upload them. Can anyone walk me through it?

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    The Masterstyle gets updated every release of vBulletin, so there would be no point in saving your changes to the master style.

    Have you just tried updating? did anything break? If not why do you need to do anything?


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      The problem is I add template to the master style Zachery. And when I patch the website (newest version, etc) it always removes all those new templates in the master style.


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        Stop adding templates to the master style then. The master style is reserved for vBulletin, and Products associated with it. Adding a custom master style template associated with the vBulletin causes it to be removed because it doesn't exsist in the newer master style.

        If you just add a template to your own default or custom style, it won't be removed.


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          So you by definition, offer a master style, which makes it easier to add to all sub styles with one add, and do not support the idea of using it? This makes absolutely no sense.


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            The master style is specificly intended for us to update our own templates, and for product authors. Are you writing your own products? Are you using debug mode?


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